Which Teeth Shades are Easier to Whiten?

People may ask if there are different shades of teeth and which shade is easier to whiten. Itís true that peopleís teeth are not naturally white. Some people have a naturally gray hue in their teeth. This poses a more difficult problem when wanting to whiten their teeth. Most of the time teeth whitening remove the stains off the teeth so when someoneís teeth are naturally gray itís hard to get to that sparkling white color that so many people desire.

Just as your hair discolours with age, your teeth go through the same process. Itís not for the same reason but your teeth do become more discoloured and generally more yellow as you get older. In this case whitening of the teeth can help but remember you are mainly bleaching the teeth, not permanently removing the stains themselves.

If your teeth are yellow due to food and drink consumption than it is much easier to whiten. Smoking tobacco and drinking lots of coffee are two of the major reasons for teeth discoloration in most people. If you lessen your consumption of both of these and use some over the counter teeth whitening products than it will be quite easy to whiten your teeth.

As it was explained above, the easiest teeth shades to whiten are those that are slightly yellow because of bad eating habits or plaque build-up. There are hygiene tips that you can take to clean the plaque (as well as dentists that you can visit) and once you have cleaned your teeth properly, you can then work on whitening them. This subtle yellow color will go away quickly with repeated whitening treatments and you will have a brilliant smile in no time. The darker yellow it is, the harder it will be to turn back white. Once your teeth reach gray or brownish tones it will be very hard to restore back their original brightness without getting veneers or some other form of cosmetic dentistry work.

Before you go make any purchases at a drug store to make your teeth whiter itís in your best interest to consult your own dentist first. He can discuss with you which teeth shades are easier to whiten and what will personally work best for you. Some of the teeth whitening products have very active ingredients which can cause unneeded damage to your tooth enamel if used improperly. As you ask yourself which teeth shades are easier to whiten try to figure out why your teeth are yellow so you can use the best method to whiten them and create that wanted smile.

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