What are Teeth Whitening Ampoules?

If you have a smile that is not as white and bright as you would like it to be, there are many whitening methods varying in price to help a person obtain a brighter smile. Of course, you have heard of teeth whitening treatments offered by your dentist, including veneers, which are fairly expensive. You may have heard of over-the-counter products such as gels, pastes, and white strips. But what are teeth whitening ampoules? They are one of the newer and more convenient options. They are portable, single-use cylinders that contain a whitening fluid. They are convenient and easy to carry, which is making them a very popular tooth whitening option, especially for the busy person who is always on the go.

What are teeth whitening ampoules used for? They are used for preventing teeth stains before they occur. When you pull out an individual ampoule, breaking the seal activates the fluid and allows it to flow to a brush tip at one end. You can then brush the gel-like tooth whitener on your teeth. Most brands include instructions which require you to keep your lips and tongue away from the teeth for five minutes. Two times a day is sufficient and results should be seen within a ten-day period. Some brands advertise a 7-10 shade improvement, although preliminary testing seems to indicate that 2 - 3 shades is a more realistic improvement for any type of portable whitening system.

What are teeth whitening ampoules main benefits? First, if you don't have time to use whitening trays, which usually need to stay in for an hour at a time, you will definitely love the convenience of the five minutes twice-a-day treatment time of the ampoules. They are small and you can take them with you anywhere you go. The concept here is to stop those stains before they start, which is a great idea. Another benefit is that the harsh chemicals are at a lower percentage, so there is usually no tooth sensitivity associated with this procedure.

What are teeth whitening ampoules downsides? The downside seems to be that they are fairly expensive for the amount of lightening that they actually deliver. Many popular brands provide 28 single use ampoules and toothpaste for about $80 plus shipping. Another possible downside is that it is much harder than it sounds to keep your tongue and lips away from your teeth for the full five minutes. That is probably the hardest part to the whole process and you may end up getting the gel on your tongue and have a somewhat unpleasant taste for a short period of time.

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