Types of Teeth Whitening

For those who suffer from discolored or yellow teeth there are steps one can take to get a new white smile. Teeth whitening was once thought as something only celebrities or the very wealthy did to get a bright smile but now there are different types of teeth whitening that is very affordable or some which can be done at home. For those who are tired of hiding their discolored smile here is a guide to some ways they can whiten their teeth both naturally and with the help of a dentist.

Those who are on a budget and want to try teeth whitening from home should consider some of the many teeth whitening products. Some can be as simple as using a new toothpaste that contains teeth whitening ingredients such as baking soda. Many people are pleasantly surprised at how well these toothpastes actually work. Other over the counter products that are good for getting a whiter smile are special strips one would wear over their teeth or products one would actually paint onto their teeth. There are even special chewing gums on the market for shoppers to consider. All these over the counter products are fairly safe for adults and relatively inexpensive. The gum and toothpaste can be as little as a couple of dollars where the whitening strips and paint on mixtures can cost up to a little over $25 depending on what brand the shopper chooses.

For more drastic measures one would want to visit their dentist to see what they would recommend. Often times the dentist makes special trays fit just for the patient with whitening gel that contain peroxide to use at home. The results of using these are slow but steady and last for a long time. The best part about visiting the dentist for teeth whitening is they can get rid of several different types of stains. No matter if one is a smoker or just a coffee drinker they are able to lift most of the stains and leave the patient with a brand new whiter smile they can be proud of.

All in all teeth whitening has become very common now and more and more products are being developed safely to give people the new smile they want and at prices they can afford.

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