Teeth Whitening at Home

Many people have heard that you can do teeth whitening at home. So what are some of these teeth whitening at home tricks and which ones actually work? Well letís start with learning what causes your teeth to become that yellowish hue. One of the major culprits are the soda pops, which contain lots of sugar and can harm your teeth and rot out the enamel which is the protective covering to your teeth that prevents cavities from occurring. Too much soda can cause stains to form on your teeth. The other major culprit is the coffee. If youíre a coffee drinker and you want whiter teeth then I would recommend holding back on your coffee intake. Smokers as well tend to have very yellow, brown teeth. The nicotine in the cigarettes can cause the stains and discoloration of the teeth.

Yes, you perform at home teeth whitening. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products can work very effectively for certain people and are sometimes all you need to make your smile a few shades whiter. Most of these whitening kits use hydrogen peroxide, just like the professional teeth whitening systems. The difference of course is that the kits made for home use has lower concentration of bleaching agent.

The main advantage of the over-the-counter tooth bleaching products is that they are cheap compared to the professional whitening systems. The over-the-counter teeth whitening kits cost anywhere between $7 and $50 (at the time of writing this article), which is very inexpensive compared to a couple of hundred dollars for a professional teeth whitening procedure supervised by dentist. Another advantage of the whitening solutions meant for home is the fact that they are available everywhere (just ask in your local drugstore) and you can start using them right away.

There are some disadvantages of using over-the-counter teeth whitening products, and it wouldn't be fair if donít mention them here. The main drawback of using at home whitening systems is that you donít get opinion from professional dentist if itís OK to whiten your teeth. What I mean is that not all teeth can be whitened successfully. For example yellow colored teeth react best to whitening and itís much harder to bleach darker teeth (brown or gray). Your dentist might advise you not to whiten your teeth due to health reasons as well. Another drawback is that the at home whitening procedure is not supervised by dentist.

Some people say that just the foods that you eat can help remove the basic stains on your teeth. Eating vegetables like carrots, celery, or broccoli can help remove some of the yellow discoloration. Another trick is to use strawberries. Many berries actually cause stains on your teeth but if you use strawberries to rub on your teeth after you brush itís been said to actually help lighten your teeth.

A lot of toothpastes contain sodium bicarbonate which helps with teeth whitening. Most people probably have sodium bicarbonate in their kitchen cupboard - itís baking soda. Take some baking soda and mix it with a little bit of water and brush your teeth with it and within a week or two you should start to notice a difference. This is a simple tactic to use and it is also very inexpensive.

Another method for teeth whitening at home is using peroxide. Peroxide can be used for actually bleaching your teeth and creating a whiter smile. After you brush your teeth rinse and swish the peroxide but make sure not to swallow. Peroxide can be dangerous to your health when it has been ingested and you should make sure to spit as much of it out as you can.

It doesnít cost an arm and leg to get white teeth. Donít feel that you have to spend thousands of dollars at the cosmetic dentist to get the smile you want. Thereís just a few thing you can change in your life and a few tricks in order to do your own teeth whitening at home.

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