Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

If your smile is not as white as you would like it to be, you may wonder, "Is teeth whitening painful?" The answer is that it can be discomforting, but it does not need to be a painful experience. In days past, when dentists began to whiten teeth, the question, "Is teeth whitening painful?" was much more valid. It was! The older methods used harsh chemicals that could strip down the tooth enamel and expose the nerves, which would make the process painful. However, with the new technologies and advances in the field of dentistry, pain is usually not an issue.

Many of the tooth whitening products available today include a de-sensitizing agent which reduces tooth pain. If you visit a dentist for your whitening needs, there should be little, if any discomfort. The exception to this is if a person has extremely sensitive teeth. If your teeth are naturally very sensitive, it is a good idea to let your dentist know in advance. If you are using over-the-counter products, it is quite important to read all of the instructions and warnings. Because the chemicals have to be somewhat strong in order to work, following all of the directions will ensure that it is a pain-free process.

The old saying "too much of a good thing" particularly applies to teeth whitening systems. Using too much of the product or repeating the process too frequently can cause pain in the gums and nerves. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the main whitening ingredients in most whitening systems, and can cause damage to gums and teeth with chronic overuse. If you have been using teeth whitening systems too frequently and find the answer to the question "Is teeth whitening painful?" to be positive, it is time to see your dentist and get some help for the pain. If it still continues to be painful then it may be time to try some other natural methods of teeth whitening that do not use hydrogen peroxide, but still produce positive effects. Many people have used things as simple as lemon peels or baking soda that they find around the house in order to whiten their teeth.

All of this boils down to following the instructions of either your dentist, with his professional whitening system or trays and vials that are sent home, reading the directions on your over-the-counter products, or getting accurate advice on other home remedies for whitening. This way, your answer to the worrisome question "Is teeth whitening painful?" will be a definitive "No!" and you will be smiling your new, attractive white smile with no discomfort whatsoever.

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