Does Teeth Whitening Always Work?

Teeth whitening methods are offered as a service at the dentistís office as well as in the form of various home use whitening kits. The procedure may result in moderate or considerable improvement in the whiteness of the teeth. The success of teeth whitening depends on the natural color of the personís teeth. Some individuals have darker or yellowish coloration. If all teeth have the same shade, this is the actual color of the teeth. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult with a dentist.

The procedure may involve some risks, even if teeth whitening can bring visible results. For instance, bleaching may cause temporary sensitivity to factors such as pressure, temperature, or touch. Most often, this effect is observed after in-office whitening. This procedure involves higher concentration of bleaching substances. Gum irritation may be another side effect of peroxide treatment. This short-term irritation typically lasts a couple of days. On the other hand, this type of teeth whitening brings the best results. No other method can achieve faster and comparable results. Moreover, this procedure is safest of all. Professional whitening is suited for the removal of stains that appear with age, use of medications and antibiotics, exposure to fluoride substances, and trauma.

In case of gum sensitivity, dentists recommend the use of in-home bleaching trays. They contain carbamide peroxide: a substance that is less powerful than the hydrogen peroxide. Home bleaching products come in the form of strips, whitening trays, and many others. The dentist-dispensed whitening trays represent effective gels with a high concentration of bleaching agent. The whitening strips are either dispensed at dentists` offices or offered for sale in the pharmacies. They are less effective that the dentist-dispensed whitening trays. Toothpastes are also regarded as whiteners as they remove food remains and plaque. Their regular use contributes to the whiteness of the smile. However, they cannot substitute any of the other whitening methods.

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